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Think You Have Foundation Problems?

It doesn’t always take a Foundation Specialist to tell you that you have foundation problems. You can determine this for yourself if you examine your home carefully.

Here is a checklist for you to follow:

  • Cracks in the interior walls. Look at all the corners of windows and doors, and at joints where walls meet walls, ceilings, or doors for signs that they are pulling away from each other.
  • Cracks in a brick fireplace wall.
  • Nails “popping” out of the gypsum board.
  • Do your windows and doors fit squarely without binding? Raise and lower the windows in each room and open and close all doors to check.
  • Do cracks run diagonally, along mortar joints in the brick veneer? Are the caulk joints pulling apart? Outside the house, check the bottom corners of the windows and doors.
  • Check the exposed concrete at the base of the house for cracks. If there are only small cracks, they may be nonstructural, but they may also be the first indication of trouble to come.
  • Does water stand in puddles near the house? If possible, check the house after or during rain. Proper drainage is essential.
  • Are there roof leaks when the roof material is in good shape?
  • Is water being diverted away from the building? Check gutters and downspouts. Do they empty onto a splash block? Does the roof runoff drain away from the house?

Problems like these should not be taken lightly. Cracks in the interior walls are unsightly and reduce the value of your house. Cracks in the brick walls admit wind and rain that damage the sheathing insulation and interior wall. Poorly fitted windowsills and doors let in outside air and result in high utility bills. Roof leaks damage the wooden beams, insulation, interior walls, and ceiling, and electrical wiring. Shifting of the soil foundation may cause gas and water lines to loosen or bend, creating unsafe conditions and fire hazards.

If you are experiencing any of these problems, including sagging crawl spaces, settlement sinking, uneven floors, and sticking windows and doors, contact JP Foundation Repair today at (817) 563-5564 or (214) 416-8522 for your free inspection and estimate!

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